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The Interdisciplinary Arts major attracts young artists with multiple skills and interests: creative writing, music, visual art, acting, and dance.

The Interdisciplinary Arts division offers a curriculum for students who wish to study more than one art form. Each student is enrolled in a daily Individual and Collaborative Studio class in addition to three core classes: Contemporary Arts Performance and Culture, Leadership and Management in the Arts, and Portfolio and Resume Development. In these courses students develop their individual path of arts study and build skills in their selected areas of interest, under the guidance of the Interdisciplinary Arts Division Director. Independent studies, collaborative projects, individual studio time, and guest artist instruction are all part of the curriculum.

Students are required to take a minimum of one arts elective in majors across campus each semester. Students may also choose (but are not required) to participate in the Interdisciplinary Performance Collaboration, a year-long course open to all majors and grade levels that results in an original presentation in the spring.

Core Curriculum 







9 - PG

Contemporary Arts Performance and Culture


Fall & Spring

9 - PG

Interdisciplinary Performance Collaboration



9 - PG

Leadership and Management in the Arts



9 - PG

Portfolio and Resume Development


Fall & Spring

9 - PG

Individual & Collaborative Studio

For information on graduation requirements and academic curriculum, please visit Academy Academics.

How to Apply

  1. Prepare the materials listed here: portfolio requirements
  2. Complete the online application
  3. Submit your materials online in the Education Community

Though not required, a campus visit is recommended. You can tour the campus, visit classes, and possibly take in a performance. You can meet and talk with students who are living the Academy experience.

Our admission representatives are here to help you in any way they can. If you wish to talk with someone about Academy programs, the application process, a campus visit, or other topics, they will be happy to work with you. Simply call 800.681.5912 or 231.276.7472 or email

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Comparative Arts


Clyde Sheets

Director, Interdisciplinary Arts, Interlochen Arts Academy

M.F.A., Design and Production, San Francisco State University, B.F.A., Stage Directing and Sculpture, Central Michigan University