Video: Festival 2020 - Composition - "Sun and Moon"

"Sun and Moon," Shaan Chhadva, Mumbai, India and Adrian Stark, Colorado Springs, Colo.

Carter Stark, electric guitar, Colorado Springs, Colo.
Daniela Nimo, drumset, Naples, Fla.
Caleb Orvik, bass, Watertown, Mass.
Shaan Chhadva, piano
Hee Jae Tiffany Hwang, violin, Seoul, South Korea
Santiago Mieres, violin, Caracas, Venezuela
Jack Kaiser, viola, Chicago, Ill.
Gabriel Hennebury, cello, Ann Arbor, Mich.

Sun and Moon is a piece about climate change, which was premiered in the climate change concert we did a couple of months ago. Sun and Moon talks about differences and how that makes us unique. Every person on this planet is unique and they still have a common enemy: climate change. We can only combat this problem if everyone comes together and does their part in keeping the environment healthy.

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