Video: Senior Showcase - May 22 2020

Senior Showcase

May 22, 2020

You can watch the performance in its entirety, or click the ☰ button in the video player above to skip ahead to a specific student. You can also use the links next to the student's name below to skip to their performance.

Elizabeth Hanje, Soprano (00:02)
Sarah Israel, Leelee Kopca, Clarinet (06:38)
Shannon Niland, Piccolo Trumpet (09:03)
Alex Shier & Aidan Krieger, Cello & Violin (11:09)
Tallulah Coldiron, Singer Songwriter (14:04)
Kahlan Yenney, Bassoon (16:45)
Clayton Bridgeman, Viola (25:09)
Christopher McSherry, Baritone (33:08)

Download the program here