Musical Theatre Audition Requirements


  1. Video files #1 and #2: Two memorized monologues selected from two different published plays
  2. Video file #3: One 16-bar (one-minute portion) of a song from standard musical theatre repertoire
  3. Video file #4: One 1-minute sample of movement or dance. The selection should be representative of skill-level (include pirouettes, jumps, and any type of acrobatic movements).
  4. PDF file # 1: Please submit a standard headshot or photo

Audition Guidance:

Candidates are strongly urged to read the plays in their entirety before auditioning. Each monologue should be no more than two minutes in length. The audition selections should display contrasting styles, such as comic and serious, verse and prose, or classical and contemporary. Candidates should sing their musical theatre selection a cappella or provide recorded accompaniment. Please time selections carefully.

How to Submit Your Materials:

It is highly recommended that students audition in person at one of our audition tour locations or arrange a live audition during a pre-arranged campus visit.

If a live audition is not possible, applicants are required to submit their audition materials digitally as a part of the application process.

Campus Visit:

We highly encourage all applicants to plan a campus visit! The schedule may include an audition or artistic meeting with our Director of Theatre Arts, a full tour of campus including the Harvey Theatre and Phoenix Theatre,  an opportunity to meet and interact with current students, and a chance to observe classes in session. Plan your campus visit.