Chad Kamrow

Instructor of History and Political Science, Interlochen Arts Academy


M.A., Ball State University; B.A., Franklin and Marshall College

Chad was born in Northern Indiana, and he lived there until his family moved to the Big Island of Hawaii. While there, he attended the Hawaii Preparatory Academy from 4th to 10th grade. At the end of his sophomore year, he returned to Northern Indiana to go the Culver Academies, a co-ed boarding school. After graduating from Culver, he attended Franklin and Marshall College where he majored in History, with a concentration on United States history. He also took numerous math and science classes as he was in the pre-med program.

Upon graduation, Chad moved back to Hawaii, and decided to teach at Hawaii Prep for "just one year" before going on to med school. Well, he taught for that year, and fell in love with the profession, and the rest, as they say, is history. He taught at HPA for 18 years beforing coming to Northern Michigan in the fall of 2012. He absolutely loves working at Interlochen, and he goes to as many of the student performances as he can.