Ellamarie Quimby

Residence Hall Manager, Interlochen Arts Acadmey


Ellamarie (Ella) Quimby was born in Annandale, Virginia, right outside of Washington, D.C. Her mother is from the small Pacific island of Palau, and her father is from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Both of her parents, as well as her sister Zelda and her brother-in-law Michael all still live in Virginia. Ella loves dogs, photography, babies, sci-fi, roller derby, camping, napping on beaches, road trips, Oxford commas, and playlists featuring music made between 1998-2005. She has lived in Virginia, Washington D.C., Ireland, Alaska, and Philadelphia. Ella has been a teacher, counselor, supervisor, printmaker, photographer, nanny, veterinary assistant, graphic designer, and English tutor, among other things. She has ten states left to visit in the U.S.