Lydia Stoye

Assistant Dean of Students, Interlochen Arts Academy


B.S., Psychology, Grand Valley State University

Lydia Van Hoven Stoye began her career at Interlochen in the summer of 2001, working in Camp Life. After fourteen summers in camp life leadership, she was honored to join the Academy Residence Life Team as the Assistant Dean of Students in 2016.

Prior to her position as the Assistant Dean, Lydia worked for Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services, primarily with at-risk teens in the foster care and juvenile justice systems. In her role as the Supervisor of Staff Education for Pine Rest, she led an organizational initiative to develop, support, and motivate those who work most closely with the people they served. Her areas of professional expertise include adolescent mental health supports, crisis management, organizational behavior, trauma, and resilience. Lydia is an alum of Interlochen Arts Camp, and maintains a passion for dance and the Arts. She holds a B.S. in psychology from Grand Valley State University.