Students awarded grant to create collaborative web series

The Interlochen Arts Academy’s Creative Writing and Motion Picture Arts departments are about to release their first-ever collaborative Web Series on YouTube. “BroNapped” is a comedic journey of four “bros” as they plan and execute a kidnapping. The series is LGBT inclusive, including several gay characters in the storyline.

Students from both the Creative Writing and Motion Picture Arts departments dove into writing, casting, producing, and editing a six episode cohesive web series under the guidance of faculty member Lesley Alicia Tye. The project began during Interlochen’s “Intermester” - a two week experience between semesters where students get a chance to dive into new experiences across divisions. This first formal collaboration between these two departments gave a chance not only for creative writers to get their writing produced but also to be on set as part of production. The class was awarded a grant from The New Hollywood intended to help the next generation of filmmakers.

The series starts as four bros, Brad (Peter Carroll), Jack (Ciel Pope), Owen (Wyatt Piedra), and Chaz (Jeremy Gill ) gather together to plan the kidnapping of Dave (Sebastian Grim) after he’s dropped off at work by his boyfriend (Louis Sipowicz). With the help of a shady store clerk named Marvita (Dinah Rokhinson), who Jack has been crushing on for ages, their plan seems foolproof - if not for Owen’s pesky worries and the occasional run-in with an overbearing mom. What exactly is their final plan, and will Dave survive the ordeal in order to find out why he’s been taken?

The team of students who created “BroNapped” ranges from freshman to seniors in both the Creative Writing and Motion Picture Arts departments of Interlochen Arts Academy. Though this was an intensely collaborative project, the two spearheading students of “BroNapped” were Brittany Leigh Sando and Benjamin Jung. Brittany Leigh is a four-year Senior Creative Writing major with a focus on screenwriting, and thus took the lead as showrunner, as well as being on the casting panel and at the film shoots of all six episodes as Assistant Director. Benjamin Jung is a third-year Junior Motion Picture Artist at Interlochen, reining from South Korea, who took the lead in cinematography, editing, and directing four of the six episodes. The main writing team also includes Helena Notario, Cookie Dutch, and Genevieve Harding, and Motion Picture Arts students Georgia Robinson and Phumakorn “Tyler” Srikeawsai also contributed to the production.

“BroNapped” will officially launch its first episode on YouTube on Monday, Dec. 4th, and will launch a new episode each day for the five days following. Follow the show on our facebook page and watch the full series.